What to do if mobile phone gets wet in water

If your mobile phone is not waterproof, you can get in trouble if it gets wet. Mobile phones can get wet in the rain. You can start bathing with your mobile phone. Even tea-coffee can accidentally fall on the mobile, after it is turned off. There is nothing to fear. In this case, if you follow some suggestions, you can turn on the phone again. The Times of India has published a report on what to do if the mobile gets wet.

Check the battery

If it gets wet in water, the warranty of the mobile phone will not work. Open the battery test to check if the phone is damaged in the water. The battery has a small white sticker which turns red or pink when it gets wet.

Quickly turn off the phone

If the phone comes in contact with water, turn it off quickly. Then quickly wipe it off with a paper or soft towel. Then quickly remove the SIM and battery. Carefully let them dry. Do not dry in direct sun. Separate other things used in mobile. Such as cover, headphones etc. Dry the mobile phone well. You must remove the water quickly and carefully.

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Remove water from the phone

Use a paper towel or soft dry cloth to wipe the water off the outside of the phone. Mobile can also be dried with the help of vacuum cleaner. However, be careful before drying your mobile phone using a vacuum cleaner. Do not hold this device too close to the wet mobile. It is better not to use hair dryer to dry mobile phone.

Put the phone in the rice

Keep your wet phone in a dry plastic bag or non-ventilated container. You can also put it in a bag full of rice. Do not turn on the phone or charge the battery at this time. Rice has the ability to absorb water from wet things. You can keep the phone like this for 24 hours before restarting.

Before turning on the phone manually, check if there is water in the phone ports. Also, if the phone is wet somewhere, remove it and dry it. If your mobile phone does not turn on, unplug the battery and take it to the service center.

Do not dry the water in the fan air

When the mobile gets wet, do not open the battery and dry the phone directly in the open room in the fan air. It is better not to use hair dryer. Do not put any hot air in it. You can hold your phone in front of the air conditioning vent for a while to dry.

Turn on the phone

It’s time to test the phone. If you have completed the above steps by waiting at least 24 hours or more (if possible), you can now turn on the phone. Thoroughly clean, insert the battery and turn on the phone.

If the phone does not turn on even after drying

If the phone does not turn on even after drying, you can open it completely (if you have the initial idea). Carefully remove the casing and all other parts and wipe with tissue paper. You can use the vacuum cleaner again. However, in this case, make sure that no loose part goes inside Jane. And if you do not dare to open the phone, do not hesitate to ask a friend or family member for help. If that is not possible, seek the help of a professional.

For Apple iPhone user

If you are an Apple iPhone user, you can easily wipe your smartphone with a paper towel to make it usable. You can also buy a waterproof cover for your iPhone if you have an iPhone 4 or 4S. And if you have iPhone 3GS or earlier version, you do not have the benefit of cover.


  • Remove all parts of the mobile phone and keep it in a dry place.
  • If the mobile dries and turns on at the same time, it becomes fatal. If you can turn it off before the inner parts burn out, your mobile may survive.
  • Excessive temperature is harmful for mobiles. Dry the phone patiently. Do not apply excessive heat impatiently. Remember, it is not your intention to fry your mobile phone.
  • You can heat some parts of the phone in a special way. For example: with the help of table lamp or heater.
  • I have made these tips keeping in mind the rainy weather and its problems. In most cases it is not possible for you to take a mobile service soaked in rain water to the store when it is raining outside or in any other emergency. You can make your mobile phone reusable by following the above steps without sitting idly by.


  • Do not leave the phone wet. Start drying as soon as possible.
  • Do not try to turn on the phone before it dries. The whole phone will be canceled due to short circuit. The phone’s display was completely damaged when I turned it on once. Although I was dry all day.
  • Go to use the oven to dry the mobile phone. As I said before, you are not doing this by frying or melting the mobile.
  • Keep the battery away from excess heat. It can catch fire very easily.
  • Most modern mobile phones nowadays have a “liquid damage indicator sticker” under the battery. Which changes color when damaged by water (e.g. red to pink). So that the mobile technicians can understand what happened to you. To my knowledge, no warranty supports “water damage”. That’s why if you want to get a free service by lying, you will become a Mofiz
    If you take the battery out of the water immediately, your mobile phone will have the highest hope of survival.
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