What is Domain Name and Web Hosting ?

Domain names and web hosting Topics, posts and articles related to this keyword are widely searched on the Internet. You will find lots of related posts or articles on the internet. However, most of the posts are difficult for many to understand. Friends, my post is based on this topic but simple, which you can easily understand by reading.

What is a domain name?

Friends, you must have searched the internet for websites, posts, articles like www.microsoft.com, www.google.com, https://www.bing.com etc. It can be defined in different ways but I am simply saying. That is enough for you to understand. Just like every person in your household has a unique name and you call him by his name, all the materials / resources on the Internet have a unique name that we call domain names. All DNS registered name is called domain name.

Why do you need a domain name?

Friends, just as the nameplate written outside your home identifies your home, so a unique name is needed to identify Internet resources on the Internet, such as computers, network devices, services, websites, etc., and it is called a domain name.

Domain name format: –

Friends, a domain name is created keeping in mind the rules and procedures of DNS. A domain name consists of at least two parts and dot the link. Domain names contain different types of subdomains or root domains (TLDs). Such as top level domain (TLD), second level domain (SLD), first level, country code level etc.

Friends, I have made this post “Domain Name and Web Hosting” a little bigger so that you can understand it better. Take an example – such as my blog domain name www.mdmarufhossain.com Now you can see in this domain that there is a dot in the middle of mdmarufhossain & com. Any domain name must have at least one dot, without which no domain name is complete. .Com top level domain and mdmarufhossain second level domain. Note the top level domain on the right of the dot and the second level domain on the left.

Where to buy a domain name and what to remember: –

Friends, there are fifty companies offering domain names on the Internet, each with its own price list, which you can buy from anywhere. Friends, before buying a domain name you should keep in mind the following –

  • Buy a domain name that is easy to remember and as short as possible.
  • Try to find a good keyword for the domain name. Such as technology, blogs etc.
  • The name should be generic according to your business
  • Take special care of top level domains. E.g. .com, .org, .in, .net etc.
  • Refrain from using hyphens (-) and numbers
  • Pay special attention to the spelling of the domain name

What is web hosting?

Friends, if you have purchased a domain name, then obviously you need to store your data somewhere from that domain. Like you made a name plate for your home but where is your home? If you have a house, keep it there, otherwise buy it from somewhere. Just as name plates are cheap and expensive at home, domain names are cheap and hosting is expensive. Now when you go out to buy your own house you will see if your house is within your budget, at least how many people can stay in the house (hosting space). Hosting is just like you can buy your own house or rent someone else’s house.

Now you must have understood a lot about hosting. Here web hosting, domain hosting, email hosting or data hosting means the same thing and that is to save data.

Where to buy web hosting: –

You can buy domain and hosting from a company.

Domain and Hosting Companies: –

  • https://www.in.godaddy.com/
  • https://www.bestwebhostbd.com/
  • https://www.dianahost.com/
  • https://www.hostinger.com/

Types of Web Hosting: –

  • Shared Web Hosting: – Sharing your domain / website with second class in company hosting. This means that several domains of the server will be together on the host of the website.
  • Dedicated Web Hosting: – Dedicated hosting is a company hosting only your domain will not be shared with anyone.
  • Cloud web hosting: – It is expensive for big companies, such as cloud based hosting Amazon, Google Cloud etc.

Here are some important things to consider when buying hosting –

  • Hosting budget
  • Hosting speed / fast bandwidth (download speed)
  • Hosting Disk Space
  • Hosting up time
  • Hosting related services



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