21 tips and tricks of Google Maps

In our country, Google Maps is several times more useful than in developed countries. In our country also we use Google Map for various purposes. But let’s see if we are familiar with these or if we know about them. Even if you don’t know, let’s know about 21 tips and tricks of Google Map, which you should know.

Distance measured:

Google Maps allows you to measure the distance between two points. Here you can determine the exact point-to-point distance. Or you can determine the distance of a straight road from one point to another.
For this you need to hold by drop pin in any location. And how many options can be found here by pressing on the drop pin; From here you have to click on Measure Distance. This way you can measure the distance.

Real time location:
Share your location in real time on Google Maps. This will allow you to let others know where you are now. To do this, you have to click on Share Location from the menu, then select Duration, you can select people from Google Contacts and start sharing location among them.

Google Map Lite mode:

Google Maps has a light mode. The cost of internet here is also less than before. However, it can only be used in the web version. It can be used through mobile or computer browsers. You can browse the light mode using this link. A lightning button at the bottom right will confirm you are in light mode.

Street View:

Google Map users we are familiar with this Street View. Through this we can see everything around the place where Street View is available. But even in the developed world; It is not suitable everywhere in Bangladesh.

Download map:

This allows you to download a map of a specific location for offline use. When you don’t have internet; Then you can see those places from the downloaded map. You can download the map from the “Download” option after clicking on the name of any location.

Multiple stops:

If your trip has multiple stops or stops; But first add a stop in the map app. Then click on the vertical dot at the top right and click on Add Stop to add multiple stops. Add the next stop in the same way.

Necessary stopping place:

On the way you can select different stops according to your needs. Set up petrol pumps, restaurants, etc. on the go, when these will come around you; Then you will get the signal. You will get this facility by selecting the category in the search bar of navigation mode.

Adding Labels:

On Google Maps you can place labels in places that may not be added to Google Maps. The place of your choice, the place of departure or any place where you go. After adding labels, you can also find these labels by searching the search bar. Through tapping and holding, first enter the PIN menu, then click on Label to place the Label.

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Traffic check:

This is one of the most popular features of Google in the developed world. When someone plans to go somewhere; Or travel – then this feature informs them in advance if there is traffic on the road. This feature does not work in Bangladesh even though the neighboring country is in India.

Parking Location:

For daily driving you can manually find a parking space for your car. You can set your parked location by clicking on “save your parking” by clicking on your current location blue dot. This will give you a lot of benefits in finding your car.

Avoid tolls, highways, ferries:

Google Maps has many features that are not useful in our country. This is one of them. Tolls on the go, ferries can increase your costs. So by using this feature, you can avoid tolls, ferries, etc. and create new routes.

Contribute to Google Maps:

You can contribute to Google Maps by clicking on Your Contributions from the menu. Here you can increase points by writing reviews, adding new places. It is possible to improve the location around you. As the points increase, so do your Google services. Get it for free. For example: Google Drive free storage.

Add new place:

You do not have the permission required to post. But you can easily add any new place by clicking the Add a missing place button from inside the menu; You can send it to Google Review.

Location history:

From your Timelines> Recent Places you have recently visited places according to your route; You can see it. It scares us a lot that Google is tracking us. But thinking bad is bad. We have to consider the good side of it.

Take a ride:

You can get call a ride facility through Google Map app like Uber or Pathao. It will look for a ride rental service in your area and inform you about it. These features are not available in our country.

Zoom in one finger:

We usually use two fingers to zoom. But with one finger. Zoom by double-clicking on the screen; We can do this very easily by turning that finger back.

Open mode on live:

If you rely on Google Maps for your journey, you do not have the option of navigation mode. So you have to select the mode on Direct in the Map app; You have to search in directions. Then select the best route and default commute method from Direction Button.

Speed limit:

Velociraptor is an Android app that lets you get a Speed Limit Wizard on Google Maps screens for different areas. This will give you an idea of how much speed to keep in any area.

CO2 Emission:

If you are aware of the environment; You can install a Chrome extension called Carbon Foot in your browser. It will show you how much carbon dioxide your car is emitting on a particular route. It can also be seen how many trees have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide here.

Custom map:

If you want to do more than just place labels on Google Maps; However, go to Scribble Maps and you will find Google Maps. There you will have the option to add various things including drawing, line, shape. This way you can create a custom map.

Recognize new roads:

Suppose you are new to an area then you can easily go through Google Maps; You can recognize the alleys of that area. I have mentioned so many tricks above, you can use them to discover any place you need.

Here is a brief summary of 21 Google Maps tips and tricks. I could not give enough image as many features are not available in Bangladesh. Hope you like the tune. Thanks.

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