Things that you have to know before buying a computer

Everyone knows that computer is the greatest device of modern technology. So everyone wants to buy a computer. But to buy a good computer you need to know some things about computer. I will tell you something like that today. I tried to write the post in simple words keeping in mind the people who are completely new to computers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a computer:

1. What kind of customer service does the shopkeeper give to the buyers? Acquaintances can help in this case.

2. Open hardware is often available in the market. Never buy these.

3. If you are not a computer expert, at least buy Processor, Mainboard, RAM, HDD, ODD, Graphics Card, Casing from the same store. They will configure them properly.

Now I will talk about each of the core parts of the computer and what to look for when buying them.


The main thing in computers. This is what the computer does all the work. This is basically called CPU (Central Processing Unit). The most popular processor manufacturers are Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Device). Both are good, but the most popular and technologically advanced is Intel.

Since the processor is the most important, special care must be taken when buying it.

1. You have to notice the clock speed of the processor. The higher the clock speed, the higher the processing power of the processor.

2. What is the series of processors, you have to notice. The better the series, the faster the speed. Intel’s earliest processors include the Pentium Series. Next came the series, Celeron series, Core Series, i Series. In Pentium Series, P2 is better than P1 (Pentium 1), P3 is better than P2 and P4 is better than P3. That is, the speed of P2 is higher than that of P1 of the same clock speed. Again, similarly, the Core Series has a higher speed than the Pentium Series. Among the processors in the core series, Core 2 Quad> Core 2 Duo> Dual Core. Among the processors of core i series, Core i7 extreme> Core i7> Core i5> Core i3.

3. You have to notice how many cores and how many threads there are in the processor. The higher the number of cores and threads, the faster the speed. So far a maximum of six core processors have been discovered.

4. The amount of FSB (Front Serial Bus) should be noticed. The higher the FSB, the higher the speed. Although newer processors do not use FSB. QPI is used instead.

5. You have to notice how much cache memory. There are different types of cache memory. The latest technology cache memory is L3 Cache.

6. Make sure you have Hyper Threading Technology. This technology plays an effective role in multitasking.

7. In the case of Intel Processor, note whether there is Turbo Boost Technology. This technology increases the capacity of the processor when needed.

8. See if there is a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). External Graphics Card is not required if the processor has a GPU and uses a good motherboard. (Unless you play very high quality games on the computer or do graphics designing or HD video editing etc.)

[Processors with the last three options are usually more expensive. All of these options are not required for normal operation.]


Mainboard or Motherboard:

This board contains all the components of the computer. The best brands for the mainboard are: Gigabyte, Intel, Foxcon, Asus etc. The motherboard must be processor supported. There are two types of mainboard ports, IDE and S-ATA. However, the mainboard of the S-ATA port is currently visible. Almost all S-ATA ports have at least one IDE port on the mainboard. If necessary, IDE device can be used on the mainboard of S-ATA port by using IDE to S-ATA converter. The things to keep in mind when buying a motherboard are:

1. The motherboard seems to support the processor.

2. Type of RAM. You have to buy the same type of RAM as the RAM slot on the mainboard. The latest RAM type is DDR3.

3. What is the version of USB Port? The latest is USB 3.0. [Motherboard with USB 3.0 port costs a bit more]

4. Currently all mainboards have LAN Card (Local Area Network Card). Moreover, HD audio and HD video can also be noticed. The higher the value of integrated graphics, the better.



This is the main output of the computer. Good brands for monitors are: Samsung, Philips, LG, Asus, HP, Fujitsu etc. Here are the things to keep in mind when buying a monitor:

In case of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) / LED (Light Emitting Diode) Monitor:

1. Select the screen size according to your needs. Many monitors now have a built-in TV tuner. At the same time, these will work as computer monitors and TVs. If you do not have a TV Tuner, you can buy a separate TV Tuner if needed.

2. LCD monitors are of two types, square and wide screen. You will select it according to the need of your cause.

3. The difference between LCD and LED monitors is: LED monitors are advanced types of LCD monitors. Relatively good pictures can be seen on the LED monitor. Moreover, it is comfortable to look at the LED monitor.

4. Notice the Contrast Ratio. The higher it is, the better the image quality will be, i.e. the image will come sharper.

5. It is better if the response time is less.

RAM- (Random Access Memory) :

RAM also helps to increase the speed of the computer. Good brands for RAM are: Transcend, Twinmos etc. Here are the things to keep in mind when buying RAM:

1. Increasing the amount of RAM will increase the speed of the computer. That is, the speed of 2 GB RAM will be higher than 1 GB RAM.

2. If the bus frequency of RAM is high, the capacity of RAM will increase.

3. Improving the type of RAM will further increase the speed of the computer. For example, DDR3 RAM is more powerful than equivalent DDR2 RAM. However, you will have to buy the same type of RAM as the RAM slot on the mainboard.


Hard Disk Drive (HDD) :

Computer information is stored in it. It also acts as the computer’s virtual RAM. Its good brands are, Samsung, Transcend etc. Here are the things to look for when purchasing:

1. In general, the higher the storage capacity of the hard disk, the more data can be stored. There are 3 TB hard disks available in the market starting from 180 GB.

2. If the hard disk’s RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) is higher, its data transfer rate will be higher.

3. If the port on the mainboard is S-ATA, then the hard disk will also have to buy S-ATA.

4. In case of external hard disk, if you have USB 3.0 on your mainboard, it is better to buy USB 3.0 hard disk. Because, in a few years, USB 2.0 will disappear and will be replaced by USB 3.0. Note: The external hard disk cannot be used as a permanent HDD, but the internal HDD can be used as an external HDD.


Casing :

Casing is the box for arranging Mainboard, HDD, ODD. Brands are not so important for casing. However, the casings of Mercury and Gigabyte are good. Note the following when buying a casing:

1. The price of the casing varies for PSU (Power Supply Unit). If the PSU is more watt, then the price of PSU goes up. As a result, the price of casing increases. Select PSU according to your type of work. For example, if you use a good and high power external graphics card, big screen monitor, you will need more power supply.

Optical Disk Drive (ODD):

ODD is a CD / DVD player / writer. Good brands for ODD are: Samsung, Asus, Lite-On etc. Notice:

1. Currently the difference between the price of a CD player and a DVD player is very small. CD player cannot play DVD, but DVD player can play CD.

2. If you want, you can buy Combo Drive or DVD writer with hundreds of rupees more. Combo drives are ODDs that can play CD, DVD play and CD write. And with DVD writer you can do CD play, DVD play, CD write, DVD write everything.

3. You have to buy ODD according to the port of the mainboard. (Otherwise need to use converter)

4. If the speed of ODD is higher, data will be read faster from CD / DVD and data will be written faster.

Graphics Card (Graphics Card) or AGP Card (Accelerated Graphics Port Card):

A good graphics card is essential for playing good games or working in graphics designing. Good brands of graphics cards are: Asus, Gigabyte, Sapphire etc. Please note the following points to buy it.

1. If you have more V-RAM, you will get better graphics.

2. Good results can be obtained if the type of V-RAM is improved just like normal RAM.

3. Also, the power of the graphics card changes for different things like clock rate, memory bus etc.

4. If you are attracted to a particular game or work with a specific software, buy a graphics card with a specific chipset according to the requirements of that software.
Sapphire RADEON X1650 PRO AGP Graphic Card

Key Board :

The keyboard is one of the two most important input devices in a computer. Good brands for keyboards are: A4Tech, Deluxe, Mercury etc. When buying it, you will notice if there are Bengali characters. (Essential for writing in Unijoy or Bijoy Layout).

Mouse or mouse:

Another important input device is this. Its good brands are: A4Tech, Mercury etc.

1. Notice how much DPI (Dots Per Inch). If the DPI is high, you can work with the mouse in a subtle way.

2. Buy a mouse that is convenient to catch.

UPS (Uninterpretable Power Supply) UPS:

Needless to say, UPS is essential for desktop computers in Bangladesh. Here are the things to look for when purchasing a UPS:

1. Two types of UPS are available. Online UPS and Offline UPS. The difference between them is that Online UPS does not take any time to be on when the power goes off, but Offline UPS takes a little time. Even if the chances are low, the computer may lose power and restart in this short time.

2. Select the power of UPS according to your needs. If the monitor screen is large, if you use a high-powered graphics card, if you have an advanced processor, you need a high-power UPS. If the store tells you the configuration of your computer, they will be able to give the correct UPS.

3. Usually the back-up time of a UPS is 20-25 minutes. If you buy more back-up time UPS, the price will be higher.

TV-Tuner / TV card:

You need to use the computer monitor to watch TV at the same time. Because of the high price of LCD / LED TVs, many people are buying LCD monitors and TV cards to watch TV. However, if your purpose is to watch TV, then buy an LCD / LED TV monitor. You will get good results. The advantage of TV card is that you can not only watch TV, but also record programs and save them on your hard disk. The TV tuner must be compatible with the monitor’s resolution. They can choose the right TV card just by saying the resolution or model of your monitor in the shop. Good brands for TV cards are: Avermedia, Real view, Gadmei etc.

Speaker :

Another output device of the computer. Buy it according to your addiction to the song. A 2: 1 speaker is a combination of three speakers, one large and the other two small. The larger one is the woofer and the smaller one is the sub-woofer. The upper one provides bass sound and the other upper one provides treble. If you are addicted to music, you can buy an external sound card. However, almost all current mainboards have this 5: 1 sound card built-in. As a result, you can use 5: 1 speakers. However, you can also use 6: 2 speakers for better sound (this requires a 6: 2 sound card). Good brands for speakers are Creative, Microlab, Logitech etc.


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