Some things for safety and security of the new smartphone

All that needs to be done for the safety and security of the new smartphone.

Control setting:

Many people are annoyed by the sound of beep, chime and lightning. These words inside an office can also upset colleagues. Newly bought smartphones can cause such problems. For this reason, the first thing that should be done is to arrange the volume, ringtone, etc. rationally. It is necessary for the well-being of oneself and the people around. However, do not stop at this stage. In the initial setting, you will not only understand the behavior of your phone, you will also be able to understand the various features of the phone. At this time you should look at different menus, sub menus and hidden options of the phone. Get ideas about everything from call blocking to gesture control. Besides, if you turn on some mobile phones including Android, some options come. These also need to be looked at.

Check for updates:

Mobile phone software is often outdated at the time of sale. As a result, after buying, you have to check whether there is any update of various software including operating system. It can be easily checked from the settings menu by connecting to the internet. If the operating system is not up to date, you can update each app separately. If there are many updates then it may take some time. Many times you may have to restart. As a result, it will take time.

Ensure security:

Before filling your smartphone with various apps, games and music, make sure the security of the phone. There is a lot to do in this case. First of all, you need to check the security features of your phone. Although many are annoyed to do this. There are also some apps that help you get rid of even if your phone is stolen Can be locked from In addition, the location of some models of smartphones can be determined remotely. If it is not possible to recover again, it is also possible to delete the information inside them. It is also possible to retrieve important information kept on the phone.   Android

Start using cloud storage:

After buying many new phones you will get the option, to use cloud storage. In addition to contacts, photos, calendars, music Etc. on the internet or tablets Option to save to PC Can be found. If you want to use these, you can start now. This will not only save your smartphone data, it will also reduce the fear of losing your data. As a result, even if you lose your phone, it is possible to make the phone as before with the same information as soon as you buy a new phone. At this time your content sharing options Features need to be considered. Because a lot of times phone photos, contracts, etc. can go online without your knowledge.


The next option to secure your mobile phone would be to customize it. For this you can set the wallpaper etc. as you like. The app can then be downloaded as needed. There are many useful, entertaining or game apps available in the online store of phone makers. Some of these cost money to buy, while others are completely free.

Plan to sell :

Surely you don’t think of selling a new smartphone after buying it. But believe me, if you are ready for this from the beginning, you will actually benefit. If you want to sell the mobile phone after use, you have to take care of its box. If you take care of the accessories and manual that come with it, the selling price of the phone will increase. Also, don’t forget to keep the receipt.

Protect from injury:

You can keep the new phone inside a cover to protect it from injury. The cover of your phone gets old after daily use. But if kept in the case, it will stay in good condition for a long time.
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