What to do if the phone battery does not charge for a long time?

When the mobile phone battery runs out of charge at the moment of need, the charger has to be found. Also want a place to charge. Tension starts when the charging facility is not within reach. Many may have fallen into such tension. Many people regret that the first time a mobile phone bought a year ago was charged, it was less than half a year later. This raises the question of how wrong the user is and what the problem is with the phone. What is the solution to the problem? CNN recently published a report on the solution to the battery problem.

Will I charge or not?

Many people ask about mobile phones, will I charge fully or will I charge less? Will I charge again when the charge is over, or will I leave a small charge? Experts say that it would be best to charge rechargeable batteries for a while and then charge them again. In the last few years, the battery component and the rules for charging have also changed.

According to experts, most mobile phones today use lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery works best when it has a 20 to 60 percent charge. So it is better to follow this rule to get maximum benefit from mobile phone battery over time.

Who is the silent killer of the battery?

Most of the battery-related issues depend on the processor of the mobile. However, the longevity of the phone’s battery life depends on the use of the phone’s application. Experts say that the use of mobile phone messaging applications is able to quickly end battery life. Even if you do not use these applications, it can charge the battery.

Does the battery last less with more heat?

Temperature has a special relationship with the longevity of the battery. Experts say that the more heat the battery lasts less. If the mobile phone is hot all the time, then the battery of the phone is likely to run out quickly. Tablet computers and mobile phones do not have much to do with the user. However, after buying a mobile phone, if you see that it is getting hotter after running, then you can get an idea about its battery life.

What to do to solve the problem?

The battery is running out fast, what can be done now? Experts say that the battery should be charged frequently to prolong life, but the charge should not go to the extra level again. Charge as the charge decreases but occasionally drain the battery completely again. Minimize the brightness of your phone as much as possible. Find out which application is charging more in the background of the phone. Experts say that with some simple habits, the battery charge can be kept longer. Such changes can be made in a very short time to keep the battery charged a little longer.

If the brightness of the screen is reduced, does the charge last longer?

It is better to keep the screen brightness of the smartphone low. This can be changed from the phone’s settings, while some mobiles also have shortcut keys to change the brightness.

Is it important to turn off all wireless connections without the need?

Wireless connections like GPRS / EDGE, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth should be turned off except when needed. Because, when these connections are on, they try to find the source of the nearest connection. And the amount of battery consumed at this time is more than the time of using the service.

If the push notification is turned off, will the charge last longer?

E-mail, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and many more types of applications have a feature called ‘push notification’. When turned on, the mobile phone collects new information from the server at regular intervals. As a result, the phone will work on its own from time to time even if it is not needed, and the charge will be charged.

Use certain types of applications.

Different types of apps can be used on smartphones. They require different levels of memory, processing power to use.

Be careful when buying a mobile.

When buying a mobile phone, check what kind of battery it has. You can check if the phone is overheated. Look at the warranty and buy.


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