Official and Custom Rom of Xiaomi Mobile

At the moment, Chinese Xiaomi Mobile has become one of the most popular mobile brands in Bangladesh. But if you do not see the correct ROM when buying a mobile phone, you may have to read various problems. When buying a phone, it is very important to check whether the ROM of the mobile is official or custom. Because if you have a custom ROM, you will be in a lot of danger after buying the phone. But many do not know which is the custom ROM and which is the official. If you read this tune, I hope this problem will not happen again.

First of all let me say that there are basically two ROMs in Xiaomi mobile

1. Official ROM
2. Custom ROM

Official Rome 6 types

1. Chinese Stable
2. Chinese Dev / Beta
3. Global Stable
4. Global Dev / Beta
5. Chinese Alpha
6. Global Alpha

Now to recognize the official ROM or custom ROM on your phone, you just need to recognize the official ROM. You don’t have to recognize the custom ROM in a different way.

Official Rom:

To view the ROM version, go to Settings / About Phone on your mobile. Go and see that MIUI Version is written.

If you have Chinese ROM on your phone, it will look like this:

MIUI 7.5 | Stable (LAICNDD)

And if global ROM is given, it will be like this:

MIUI 7.5 Global | Stable (LAIMIDD)

(I am writing 7.5 here does not mean that all mobiles will have 7.5. This is an example. The version you will use will have a tie instead of 7.5.)

Now you need to know what is meant by which. First of all, MIUI 7.5 is written. This means that the ROM version of your phone is understood. This will allow you to understand which ROM you are currently using. Then there is Stable. This means that the ROM you are using does not have bugs. If Beta is written then you are using Developer / Beta ROM. Usually stable ROM does not have any bugs. But there are bugs in beta rom.

Chinese and Global Rome versions are the same. But after Global MIUI 7.5 in Global Rome, the word Global is mentioned. But Chinese do not live in Rome.

Then come to This is very important. Because most of the way to recognize custom ROM is this digit. No stable ROM of Xiaomi will have more than 4 digits. If you see that there are more or less than 4, then you have to understand that your ROM is a custom ROM.

But the problem is that even though many ROMs have 4 digits,

it can be a custom ROM. So how do you know? There are solutions to these problems. You first go to this link Now select the model you are using. Then see which is the latest version there. If you see that there is something written other than the version that is given there, then you must understand that you are using a custom ROM.

Now come to LAICNDD; Here L means the Android version. L means Lollipop and CN means Chinese ROM. If global ROM, then MI will be written instead of CN. And DD means Full Stable or Nightly Build.

Then I hope you understand what official Rome is like. And as I said before, if you know the official time, you don’t have to know the custom ROM differently. If you see that the miui version of the phone does not match this format, then you will understand that it is a custom ROM.

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