Meditation; Aladdin’s lamp for success and happy life

What is meditation?

There is nothing we can do to improve our health, exercise, sleep regularly, eat nutritious food, and so on. However, many forget that improving physical health alone is not the key to happiness in life, so it is important to improve mental health. Meditation can play the most important role in the development of mental health. When we hear the word meditation, some images come to our minds: a saint wearing a purple under a banyan tree, someone who has been meditating for months with his eyes closed, or standing on one foot on the top of the Himalayas, meditating on a secluded cave for months. Image of a great man who is meditating 6
Many people define meditation as a religion, a particular tribe, a particular organization, or a particular person. Again, one-to-one meditation is also considered as the practice of Satan worship But meditation is not related to all this In fact, meditation begins with Hindu meditation, Muslim Sufism, Buddhist meditation, or the Kabbalah practice of the Jews, but is now defined differently.
That is to say, meditation is a unique method that can be used to increase attention or concentration and awareness towards a particular object, thought or action, and to achieve mental purity, emotion control.

Why do meditation?

Dr. of Harvard University Medical School in 1970 named Benson, a researcher, has shown that meditation reduces people’s involuntary, unintentional thinking. The results of Sara Lazar’s 2007 study on meditation can be seen in:
Our brain is divided into many parts; The three main parts are: forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain Meditation can teach us the parts of the brain that directly control our thinking. Dr. According to Lazarus’ findings,
First, meditation reduces the functioning of the posterior sinusoidal cortex of our brain, this part of the brain that works for over-thinking. This over-thinking causes us depression The idea of ​​’I can’t’ before doing any work is the evil of this over-thinking Meditation reduces over-thinking Thought-power became self-controlled

Second, it increases the function of the left hippocampus This part of the brain controls the ability to memorize and learn With the improvement of this part, one can easily learn anything, any memory can last for a long time.

Third, the amygdala decreases cell volume by 7 This part of the brain is responsible for fear, stress and anxiety As a result of meditation, unreasonable fears are reduced, confidence is increased and the brain is ready to feed itself in any environment.

Outside of this study, another 2015 study found that meditation improves the dorsal cortex, regulating human will power.

Why is meditation important for busy people and students?

Meditation can be an excellent tonic for busy people and students After a long day of work, study, and hard work, many people become irritable at the end of the day. This irritable mood sometimes takes a terrible turn, which can make anyone disliked by the people around them. If you meditate regularly, you will get rid of this kind of problem This is because meditation increases the emission of alpha waves in our brain, which reduces feelings like anxiety, sadness and anger.

At work, many people lose their focus while working, which results in hearing a senior official’s scolding or not paying attention to a book while sitting down to read. In this case, meditation helps to focus on any one side Because, at the core of meditation is the training of deep meditation The purpose of meditation is to teach the whole brain to focus on any one subject This increases the ability to think about anything

What is the importance of meditation in the current context?

At present, almost every human being is affected by some or the other Some are addicted to drugs, some are addicted to gaming, some are addicted to Facebook. No matter what the intoxication is, it always brings nothing but harm Meditation has an effective role in getting rid of intoxication As I said earlier, meditation affects our dorsal cortex, which in turn increases self-esteem. If you can control yourself, you can turn the proverb ‘slave of habit’ into ‘slave of habit’. Isn’t that so?

According to William Quicken, a professor at Oxford University, meditation works as an anti-depressant. Reduces the risk of depression by 31% The world’s successful scientists, businessmen, entrepreneurs have repeatedly failed in their lives, yet how did they overcome this depression? Research shows that almost all of them have the habit of meditating Today’s teenagers and young generation suffer from high depression They do not hesitate to sacrifice their precious lives for the little things that cause them to fall into depression even for the smallest reason!
Meditation is the only way to improve their mental state, self-confidence and reduce over-thinking. People who are accustomed to meditation, do not break down easily, do not succumb to failure, because they have endless vitality.
Meditation also works for our physical well-being For example, meditation regulates the levels of C-reactive protein in our body, which greatly reduces our risk of heart disease.

When we always say, the mind is everything, the human brain is awesome, thinking changes life, then why don’t we practice meditation!

How to start meditation?

First of all, it is important to meditate – a secluded place You have to choose a specific secluded place where you can meditate regularly It can be your own room or it can be a roof to sit in the breeze As the brain re-codes during meditation, the environment is a much bigger matter, the brain will be affected by the environment. Besides, it is not possible to create stable attention without a solitary environment

Meditation at certain times is another notable thing Timeliness is needed only after a solitary environment for meditation The desired results can be obtained only by meditating at the same time every day Therefore, to set a time when there is no possibility of being busy It can be before going to sleep (I want to be specific at bedtime) or even after waking up (it is obligatory to wake up at a specific time).

When the environment and time were right, the external material was ready for meditation There is no obligation to sit in the lotus position while meditating, you can meditate in a chair or standing, but you have to make sure that your spine is straight and straight and meditation is done in a comfortable way. That’s why it’s best to sit down to get a seat Straighten the spine, take deep breaths, try to concentrate on the breath. I have to think that I am releasing all my worries and frustrations with my breath
At first all sorts of thoughts will come to mind, a forgotten task will suddenly come to mind, it may come to mind that someone has to call, such and such work has not been done, who has an appointment with whom today … Instead, you have to concentrate on deep breathing Any specific sentence, mantra can be uttered, it helps to concentrate Many people light candles to pay more attention to meditation, which is also an effective method. Lighting a candle gives our sub-conscious mind a different kind of seriousness towards meditation.
Beginners do not need to meditate for a long time at first, but after a couple of days, they lose interest. If it becomes a habit after doing five minutes every day, then the time can be extended by two minutes
Meditation can be done by listening to relaxing music to distract. Relaxing music is music that has no words, only soft music, various sounds of nature. Apps for this type of music are easily available or also available on different sites

This is the basic direction of meditation Remember, you can’t lose patience, meditation is not something that can be achieved in one sitting You have to stick to it According to research, if you meditate regularly, you will get excellent results in 6 weeks


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Article written by: Tasfin Ahmed

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