How to clean the computer.

Current Digital Age Everything depends on computers. However, many do not know how to keep your favorite computer clean.

✴️ How often should the computer be cleaned?

🔸 Usually if you use it at home, you can clean it every 5-6 months. Again, in a business or a factory where there is a lot of dust and more than one person uses the computer, you will get better performance if you clean it every 2-3 months.

✴️ The right way to clean a computer

Here are some simple tips to clean your computer or its components. Next we will learn how to clean a specific device in the right way.

Turn off the computer or its components before cleaning. Do not spray anything directly on any part of the computer or pour any liquid directly. Apply liquid or spray on a cloth then use it on certain parts of the computer. Be careful not to move any knobs or connections while cleaning. Especially when cleaning the back of the computer, make sure that no plug is left.

When holding the fan clean, hold the fan or stick it with something so that it does not turn. Vacuum or compressed air spray can cause your fan to lose its effectiveness. So refrain from doing it. Do not eat or drink anything near the computer. Do not smoke while sitting at the computer or try to reduce it.

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✴️ Computer cleaning equipment:

🔸 Clothes: The best thing to wipe the computer or any of its electronic equipment is cotton cloth. Note that use cloths to clean computer cases, drives, mice and keyboards. Never clean any circuit, such as RAM, motherboard, etc. with a cloth.
🔸Water or rubbing alcohol: It is best to use cotton cloth soaked with water or rubbing. Because any other liquid can stain the plastic of the computer.

🔸Portable Vacuum: Vacuum can be used to clean dust, dirt, cigarette ash etc. But you must use a battery-powered portable vacuum. This is because the vacuum of the direct AC plug produces a lot of static electricity which is enough to ruin your computer.

🔸 Buds: It is very convenient to use cotton buds in places that are very thin and small. Soak the cotton bud in water or rubbing alcohol and then clean the gaps in the mouse, keyboard or other equipment.

🔸 Compressed Air: It is used in many cases as an alternative to portable vacuum cleaner. In particular, it is more effective when cleaning the motherboard.

I hope these things will come in handy for you, so stay tuned today. If you want to know more, you can visit my site.

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