CountablePad: A great note app

The importance of notes in daily life is much higher. From that modern age till now people have been using notes. But technology has changed with the change of era. People used to use paper notes as before, now they are used in mobiles and computers. Lest’s see about CountablePad app.

The present age is the age of information technology. At this time, the Android operating system is ruling. People do all the necessary work from the Android phone. Similarly, it is not an option to take notes. Numerous note applications are available in the Play Store. Even new apps are constantly being created which are crammed with multiple features. One such note app is “CountablePad”.

CountablePad is a note app created by a Japanese developer. The app was released in March this year. So not many people know about the app. But you can learn about this app through this review.

I usually download an app by looking at the download number. I don’t see much of a rating. But what I notice more than these is the quality of the app and the user interface. And to be honest, the design / user interface of this app has absolutely fascinated me.

Features of the app

The design of the app is very nice. This app is just like the design and material of the apps made by Google.
Although a note app, the app is mainly used to count words, characters, etc.
Along with words and characters, paragraphs and sentences can be counted with this app. Which have to be launched from the app’s settings.

If there is ever a mistake, there is undu and redu. For example, if a paragraph is cut by mistake, there is an opportunity to bring it back from the undo.

There is a feature to classify different notes in different colors. There is a facility to backup in Google Drive. Which I like a lot. As a result, the nose can sleep with oil. Even if the phone is damaged or the app is accidentally uninstalled, the notes written with difficulty are still intact.

At present, night mode has become a trend. And it can’t be that there will be no night mode.

So above I have said about all the necessary features. But more good features may come in the future. Because the developer of the app is very active. Any support is easily available from the developer of the app.


My personal experience about CountablePad

My personal experience with the app is pretty good. When I first installed the app, it didn’t support keyboard word suggestions, which is important for fast typing. So I sent a mail to the developer about this. I hoped there would be no work but! I was surprised to get a reply to the mail a day later. After that, when we talked in a better way, the developer fixed it.

In the meantime, the developer came up with a new feature. That is the sentence counter. That is, it will count how many sentences I have written. But in Bengali it was not working properly. Then I made another request to the developer to fix it for Bengali language. And I said that the Bengali sentence ends with Dari (.). So the developer fixed that a few days later.


I use the app to write blogs / articles / reviews. Even now I am writing the review you are reading with this app.

Some of my recommended settings options

Here I will talk about some setting options on and off which are not on by default. And the options in these settings will help to enhance your app usage experience a bit more. Note: Each person’s choice is different, here I have recommended according to my choice. So, first of all, enter the settings of the app. Then.

You can turn off the count byte option. It seemed better to me to keep it closed. However, if you want to see the size of your text, you can leave.

Now go down a little and turn on the Sentence Count option. You will see how many sentences you have written.
Click on the Punctuation Mark option below the Sentence counter and check the Dari (|) Checkbox. By default it does not exist.

Then enable the paragraph count option. This will show you how many paragraphs you have written.

Hope you have a good idea about the app. So,  Click here  to download the app from the Play Store. And enjoy all the benefits of the app.

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