Class 6 Assignment Science Answer 5th Week

5th Week Assignment Science Answer is available for Class 6 students. On November 25, the authorities published the subject assignment of science for the 6th class and they provided the assignments to the students from the eighth chapter and the eleventh chapter. If you want to enlarge the delivery answer, read our post and get the solution below.

With this post you can easily download the answer of class 6 science assignment in 5th week. We have already published the answer of Class 6 Science Assignment in the 5th week.

Class 6 Assignment Science Answer 5th Week

Schools and colleges have been closed since the start of the coronavirus. So the authorities announced the assignment of Class 6 Science for the students to keep the education system going. Now, find out the answers to the assignment questions.

Science is a kind of knowledge. Do you know what knowledge is? Information about some of the knowledge. So what is science? Information? You know the basic science of living things, matter, water, air, soil. These are part of the natural environment. You also know various natural phenomena. For example: How is the rain? How a plant makes food etc. So science is knowledge about nature and natural phenomena. | But information about nature is nowhere near science. If someone gives a hypothetical explanation of natural phenomena, it will not be science. In order to acquire knowledge of science, he must accept it by experiment or observation or be supported by information obtained from experiment or observation. You may have heard many explanations in the story about how it rains. But what is the science of such an explanation? No, such an explanation is not science. Because, these explanations are not available from the test or the corner test does not support them.

How do we acquire this knowledge? We have knowledge of science through experimentation, observation and logical thinking. Let’s achieve. These are the processes of science. Science is the process of acquiring such ignorance.

Just as a scientific process is needed to acquire knowledge of science, so is a scientific method. Think logically about these. The opinion of others is valuable and admitting one’s own mistakes. It is also called science-minded. So what is science? Science is the knowledge of nature and natural phenomena, which is derived from observations and experiments or supported by experiments and it is a scientific approach. Just as scientific knowledge is important, so is the process or method of acquiring knowledge, and more important is the scientific approach.

The coronavirus has spread around the world. In the language of medical science, this virus enters the human respiratory tract and causes shortness of breath. It causes shortness of breath and the patient eventually dies. Doctors are failing to save the patient as they have not identified any vaccine for the disease. It is killing millions of people. As a result, the whole world has come to a standstill. All institutions in the country have been declared closed. It has had a big impact on education. The students are in trouble. There is no specific date for when the school will open. So parents of students are concerned about the loss of their children year round. To address this concern, the Ministry of Education has introduced an assignment system. As a result, students will pass the next class in addition to merit verification, the Department of Secondary and Higher Education said. This is a very good initiative. Everyone welcomes this initiative. And all the students are eagerly submitting their respective class assignments to the school. We are also proud to help them. Here are the chapters you will find in the sixth grade science assignment. Scientific processes and measurements, biology of plants and animals, cells and organizations, external properties of plants, photosynthesis, properties of sensory organs, substances and external influences, mixtures, speed of light, speed, force and simple instruments, its origin and structure Earth, food and nutrition , Environmental balance and our lives.

5th week science Assignment questions and solutions

5th Week Assignment class 6 Science

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For your convenience, we provide weekly workload answers. This will allow students to submit their answers in less time. We work with our experienced team to reduce student hassle. They all try to give correct and correct answers. However, many students do not know about our website. So I want to say the purpose of those who know. Let us know the name of this educational website for all the students around you. So that the crowd is also beneficial. However, do academic studies as well as assignments. Even though I know the time is very short, pass not only to pass the exam, but also to learn something. However we have given the fifth week science recruitment questions and solutions as per the syllabus.

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